Criminal Justice Reform

Throughout New York, people of color’s rights are often compromised or ignored. Over 80% of New York City’s misdemeanor arrests in 2018 involved people of color. We have to preserve the legacy of my father, Arthur Miller, Eric Garner, Kalief Browder, and many others that the system failed.

  • I will fight to reform New York’s criminal justice system by erasing Broken Windows Policing. Broken Windows focuses on policing minor crimes and activities such as loud music and loitering. Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and countless others have died because of Broken-Windows Policing.
  • I will support expanding Bail Reform- 95% of the people jailed on Rikers Island are black or brown, confined because most are too poor to make bail.
  • I will continue to develop reentry programs.

Join the Movement

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Change can only happen action from individuals coming together for a greater cause, thats why I’m starting the biggest grassroots campaign for Brooklyn Borough President and I need you!

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